Capitol View Advisors is a platform to engage communities with the same interests to become a part of the solution within American society, effectively bringing together the spectrum of social advocacy. There are many charitable, institutional, and individual efforts within the community investing in the social advocacy arena. Capitol View Advisors utilize resources including research, funding, academia, and community outreach to bring about a positive return. We encourage communities with like interest to bond together as “hubs” that will utilize the approach of social networking, community engagement, and new technological advances to make impactful changes in the world using strategies that bring about positive responsiveness. Our approach connects technology and social networks in a multi-dimensional fashion. We follow a creative path, including analytical data, untapped potential, and education, to address the opportunity gap’s totality.

Our Services, Operations, and Infrastructure

Coordination – (Administration and Staffing)

We have a clear strategy for developing administrative systems while building the technological infrastructure necessary to be successful within the social advocacy arena. Our platform serves as a “hub” around social advocacy– bringing together donors and stakeholders. Allowing communities of color to aggregate and direct resources more effectively, and it will enable them to invest in advocacy issues and act together in ways that no single donor or activist could on her or his own.

Strategic Communications – (Stakeholders, Donors, and Advocates)

Minimal communications and data capacity exists within most young People of Color communities. As revealed through an internal survey, many young People of Color have used communications technology and data tools previously and want to enhance their ability to advocate for themselves in face to face settings. The survey also revealed that many young People of Color do not have the infrastructure or capacity to employ the self-advocacy skills needed from day to day. We provide communication training, data tools, data systems, and communication tactics to maximize their day to day opportunities. We employ a broad communications training platform: i. Education materials, emails, and digital issue guides, ii. Online pledge tools iii. Polling, research, and messaging iv. Sample “earned media” stories and social media impressions through new media v. Press events, radio ads, and mobile messaging.

Research and Development – (Agenda Setting, Policy, and Mobilizing)

There is no doubt that public service and social advocacy is in a “watershed” moment. However, there is an excellent opportunity in the engagement of the young People of Color community. The opportunity lies in converting the vast pool of young People of Color from lukewarm activists into a population of self-advocates who remain engaged through the rest of their lives. The potential crisis lies in taking this community for granted and failing to put the necessary resources and technological infrastructure in place to train and consistently engage them around their interests. Barriers to self-advocacy faced by young People of Color include 1) the disproportionate impact of the digital divide on the People of Color community, 2) the critical need to coordinate People of Color social engagement, information, and resources and 3) gaps in social engagement rates between young People of Colors and the overall population.

Organizational Development – (Training, Fundraising, and Leadership Development)

Capitol View Advisors not only focuses on producing maximum impact within communities of interests but also facilitate building the collective and organizational technological capacities required for developing and sustaining long­term infrastructure and relationships in communities. This work focuses on education efforts through a collaborative issue advocacy platform. Additionally, we recruit funders to increase the resources available for social advocacy activities at the national, state, and local levels that help expand and enhance the technological capacity on the ground to engage the young People of Color community. The results of issue integration into our efforts increase not only social engagement but also public knowledge, more exceptional citizen civic capacity, and more sophisticated communications efforts. These points of contact provide an opportunity for us to engage young advocates and remind them that the best way to fix a problem is to use their voice.

Base Building – (High-Touch and High-Tech)

Our innovation is to build long­term social engagement capacity through strategic coordination and technological advances. Most traditional young People of Color efforts primarily focus on registering or identification validation, followed by training or education, testing, and mobilization. These efforts and the organizations that manage them, mainly focus on engaging young People of Color during a short cycle. They sacrifice the opportunity to utilize issue areas as the catalyst for increased long­term social engagement. We employ a “high­tech” People of Color social engagement platform that focuses on the integration of issue education to connect communities of interests: the economy, employment, education, and the environment. While all issues are important, these top priority issues have the most potential to increase the collective community investment and accelerate the growth and development of permanent, long­term infrastructure to increase young People of Color social engagement.

Methodology – (Workflow)

1) Purpose, 2) Vision, 3) Partnership, 4) Resilience, 5) Performance, and 6) Personal Ecology

Leadership Training

Our "high-touch and high-tech" leadership development training provides people the information and resources they need to further their aspirations.